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whymeditate? APP

WhyMeditate? is a groundbreaking app designed to simplify meditation and breath-work for beginners. Addressing the lack of guidance in current meditation apps, WhyMeditate? offers easy-to-follow, animated practices tailored to users’ unique preferences. Through these engaging and informative animations, users gain a clear understanding of the real-time benefits they’ll experience after each session.


Branding, Marketing, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Social Media, Content Creation, Video, Print Design, UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Storytelling 


The logo was designed using breath wave patterns, creating an abstract W + M to represent the WhyMeditate? brand. These breath waves symbolize the importance of breathwork in meditation, making it a perfect representation of the brand’s core values. The aqua blue color palette further enhances the sense of calmness, mirroring the soothing nature of both meditation and ocean waves as seen in the logo animation. ¬†

WhyMeditate? branding seamlessly extends to marketing materials, as showcased by these email campaign designs. Featuring consistent visuals and messaging, the app’s identity shines through every touchpoint. ¬†


The whymeditate? app focuses on clean and simplistic design, ensuring effortless navigation for all users. The focus on simplicity makes it easy for the initial target audience of beginners to explore and engage with the app, staying true to the mission of providing easily accessible meditation guidance.