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Branding | Mobile Application

Application designed for mobile devices to create the perfect network for designers to share their original logo designs & concepts to either obtain new clients, outsource work or just constructive criticism from peers in the field.

Logo Design

Designed as a wordmark logo. Overall there is strong structure due to the use of the geometric sans-serif typeface. Along with the structure, there is additional tracking applied to the wordmark in order to space out the letters that gives it an airy balance. The circle with the green hue helps illustrate the word “go” by replicating the traffic light concept. The green circle could be used as an abstract mark on its own or made into a clean design element as a pattern for other forms of design media.

Color Palette

The bold, bright colors have been used to help lead the viewer’s eyes’ due to the application being mostly viewed on the small sizes of hand-held mobile devices. The combination of the bright hues alongside the darker shades ¬†create a colorful visual balance on each screen.


There are two main typefaces that are used in the branding. One is considered the title font & then there is the content font. The use of both the sans-serif & serif typefaces creates a visual contrast throughout all of the typography.